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I'm Sarah

Cornwall Shop Small is the next adventure in a journey that began back in 2011 with a private events hire company, The Duchy's Vintage Party, set up for by 3 friends. Back then I was a third of the team, then half the team and now, Cornwall Shop Small is me, myself and I. But that's misleading, I am part of a team, now more than ever. Cornwall Shop Small is made up of 100s of local small business superstars, Cornwall's most wonderful creators and curators and YOU. By being a part of the Shop Small adventure you're showing what a local hero you are. 

After a career in London working on tv, online and event sponsorship & promo campaigns I moved to Cornwall to start a new challenge and a new way of life! Having dealt with big corp clients it's been a joy to work with small businesses and indie traders who are genuinely dedicated to what they do. I share their passion and love that Cornwall Shop Small shouts about how amazing they are and gives YOU the opportunity to connect with them.



The Adventure

Cornwall Shop Small launched at the start of 2023 but it's actually the next step in a journey that started back in 2011.

  • 2011 - The Duchy's Vintage Party, a private vintage events company, is set up by three friends, Emma, Lucy & Sarah

  • 2013 - The Duchy's Vintage Party hosts it's first public Vintage Fair and go on to host a range of public fairs over the next 7 years

  • 2014 - Lucy steps back from the business to focus on her day (and night) job in the special care baby unit

  • 2016 - Duchy Fairs becomes the working name for the Fairs & Markets side of the business

  • 2020 - Pendemic hits, events are cancelled but Duchy Fairs starts hosting virtual Markets

  • 2021 - Cornwall Shop Small Markets hosted by Duchy Fairs begin in Truro

  • 2022 - Emma steps back from Duchy Fairs to focus on her family business, Sarah goes solo...

  • 2022 - Cornwall Shop Small Pop Ups hosted by Duchy Fairs hit the Festival scene!



Goodbye Duchy Fairs, Hello Cornwall Shop Small!

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