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Welcome to the Trader Hub

Hello! So you're interested in finding out more about getting involved as a trader with Cornwall Shop Small? That's wonderful. There are lots of opportunities to get involved.


Here you can find out more about trading at the Markets and being listed in the Online Directory (& becoming a Cornwall Shop Small Community Member) and make applications. Read on to find out what we look for and what we offer.

You can also sign up for trader news to be kept up to date with future trader opportunities & applications and, coming soon, find FREE trader support & advice alongside downloadable guides and access to an array of expert led workshops & sessions with discounts for Cornwall Shop Small Community Members.

Applications to Trade at the Markets

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Online Directory & Community

Apply to be listed in the curated Online Directory & become a part of the Cornwall Shop Small Community with great member benefits.


What We Look For


Cornwall Shop Small is all about big love shopping small and the value of buying independent so please note that only applications from independent traders are accepted. You can have your own dedicated retail space, online shop or sell through multiple retailers but you should not be a multi (more than 3) outlet business or franchise.


The focus is on businesses that are based in Cornwall but businesses from further afield can apply. If two applications are similar then priority will be given to a Cornwall based applicant. However event stands, directory listings and community memberships are primarily offered on merit.


We seek out quality products where real skill is shown in the making or curating of the range. If you trade something that anyone could easily make, curate or trade you are less likely to be a successful applicant, we love the unique!


Applications from makers-designers-producers who have complete control over their production process are prioritised over applications from those who buy in pre made elements.


Applications from curators who are Cornwall based but sell a range of items from elsewhere are welcomed as long as the items are all ethical (source known) small batch handmade or vintage.


Cornwall Shop Small is all about Contemporary Craft, Art & Design, Home & Lifestyle wares, Vintage finds and local Food & Drink from small and local creators & curators. Please note that applications in certain categories are not generally successful for certain events, e.g. Food & Drink traders for off site consumption are welcome to apply for the Cornwall Shop Small Market in Truro but we won't be able to welcome you along if you clash with someone in the regular Truro Farmers Market line up who we set up alongside. Details of any category limitations are given at the start of relevant application page.


Presentation is crucial whether you are applying to trade at an event or to be listed in the directory. You must present you and your wares well in terms of product, brand, display and communications (e.g. social channels / website). Competition is fierce and an applicant who makes something similar to you but presents themselves more professionally will be the successful applicant.


One of the amazing things about shopping small and local is it's ability to let customers know the story behind what they're buying, it puts you in control of being able to make sustainable choices. We love to welcome traders who include sustainable practises & products in their business. We request that no single use plastics are used in your products & packaging at the Markets. If you have old single use plastic labeling or packaging then you can keep using these items but by trading at the Market you are pledging not to invest in any more single use plastic for your business.   


Applications are welcome no matter what your ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexuality or education is. It's all about the things above, not your background. In spite of the stereotypes we think Cornwall is a place where diversity does, should, and can, thrive!

What We Offer


Cornwall Shop Small is all about good vibes and that ethos runs throughout all of our dealings with you. Whether you're joining us at a Market or looking to become a Cornwall Shop Small Community Member & being listed in the Online Directory you'll be given the warmest welcome.


The Cornwall Shop Small line up is curated with care. It's not about what you, as a trader, will pay for. It's about who you are and what you do and how you do it. This means that you can feel the joy of being part of a line up of other amazing small and local business superstars.


Cornwall Shop Small has got a loyal following of visitors at events, online, through the database and on social media. Want some stats? Last year we had 44 Cornwall Shop Small event days, over 6,500 unique visitors to the (Duchy Fairs) website, a database of over 2,000 email subscribers and well over 7,000 social followers. We're not resting though, the mission to spread the shop small word across Cornwall and beyond continues!


Cornwall Shop Small tries to keep trader rates as low as possible to ensure what we do is curated by joy, quality and relevance and not your budget. Yes, the business also needs to provide a living wage so costs include all the projected costs and a target margin. If you want to know more about why something costs what it does and where the money is being spent you are always free to ask.


Cornwall Shop Small is not about sitting on successes, it's about growing them, finding new opportunities, being creative, trying things out, learning stuff and trying again. It's about going over & above what's needed & expected to make shop small magic happen.


The Cornwall Shop Small to trader relationship is most definitely a two way thing! We'll do our very best to keep you up to date with the best info and we'll strive to listen to all of your feedback and take it on board. While we're (currently) a one person team we're a pretty conscientious one and will work as hard as we can to keep up on all our comms.


The Cornwall Shop Small Trader Hub is set to be your go to destination. Coming soon, FREE trader support & advice alongside access to an array of services, collaboration opportunities & expert led workshops with discounts for Cornwall Shop Small Community Members.

Trader Hub Support

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