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Lu Cornish

Soulful design that speaks to the wildness that lives inside you. Empowering feminist art that celebrates the magic, folklore and joy of the ocean. Eco-conscious and ethical Lu's shop includes vivid, rich art prints, greetings cards, desk pads and planners, calendars, stickers, badges, pins, earrings, patches and more.

Lu Cornish
Lu Cornish
Lu Cornish

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Newquay, UK

Hey, I’m Lucy but you can call me Lu. Sometimes funny, always weird, I create art and other lushness from my home on the wild north coast of Cornwall. A mental health crisis forced me to reevaluate the important things in life. I quit my job, jumped in the sea, picked up a pencil and started to draw for the first time in over a decade. A riot of emotion, colour and love was born. Telling beautiful stories that celebrate the wild magic that lives inside you. In a world that too often tells women they are not good enough, not pretty or thin enough, I want to remind them they are a magnificent force of nature: As gorgeous as the setting sun, as breathtaking as a cold wave splashing your skin. I am inspired by finding a connection to nature, water, mental illness, empowerment and my home county of Cornwall. I hope that something in my work speaks to the wildness in you and maybe even makes you smile.

Illustration & Art
Greetings & Stationery
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