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Getting listed in the Cornwall Shop Small Online Directory

So you're interested in becoming a part of the Cornwall Shop Small Online Directory? That's wonderful. Read on for all the 'need to know info' and terms before you apply. You can find current open applications along with application deadlines and announcement dates for all of our Markets, Pop Ups and the Online Directory HERE.

The Cornwall Shop Small Online Directory

The Cornwall Shop Small Directory

The Directory is the online destination to discover Cornwall's most amazing small, local & independent makers, creators, producers and curators of contemporary craft, art & design, sustainable home & lifestyle wares, vintage finds and artisan food & drink. With an array of categories and a growing showcase of small businesses it's a wonderful way to connect with customers and retailers. And for 2024 all successful Market applicants will join the Directory ensuring synergy between our real life events and online presence and creating something even more special with an even bigger reach. Explore the Directory and find out what it's all about HERE.


  • The Cornwall Shop Small Directory launched in 2023 and has established itself as a go to destination for shoppers (and retailers) looking to find local, unique and beautiful wares.

  • It is your chance to be part of a curated showcase of the county's (and beyond) most amazing makers, producers, creators, curators and small business superstars of contemporary craft, art & design, sustainable home & lifestyle wares, vintage finds and artisan food & drink.

  • As a Directory member your listing will include your business name, a business intro, 3 product / brand promo photos, a link to your main shopping site (this can be your website, your partner sales site e.g. Etsy or Folksy or to a social profile if that's how you sell online), an additional trader photo with personal intro, location (by closest town / city / district) and a link to your primary social profile.

  • Your listing will appear in the Directory A-Z and all relevant categories (more categories have launched this year) listed on the application form, successful applicants can also suggest new categories that will be considered.

  • Directory members are supplied with digital trader badges, the opportunity to add website backlinks and Directory boards to use at events or in retail, that's a lot of people shouting about the Directory.

  • The Directory receives regular and ongoing promotion to the Cornwall Shop Small email database of over 2.5k & socials of over 9k.

  • For 2024 there's a set promo plan for CSS social posts and subscriber emailers with key Directory category and feature focuses and as a Directory member you'll be able to put yourself forward to be included in any that you feel are particularly relevant to your biz.

  • From Spring 2024 the Directory got a permanent feature on the Visit Cornwall website as part of the Cornwall Shop Small listing.

  • We've had some great results since launch... Unique visitors were up 30% y.o.y. to over 8,000 with the majority of site sessions doubling in length as website visitors had more to browse.

  • For 2024 the website has  a refresh with a particular focus on a glow up for the Shop Small Directory.

  • The website and Directory has had a big SEO overhaul.

  • The mobile website and Directory design has been prioritised as around 75% of our visitors are on mobile.

  • The Directory is the first tab on the Cornwall Shop Small website, has a homepage feature and is linked from multiple website pages.

  • The Directory will be promoted at all 2024 Cornwall Shop Small events via signage, with more events than ever before that's great exposure.

  • Directory members are part of a welcoming and supportive community! More plans on this are underway.


  • Independent - you MUST be an independent trader and you can't have more than 3 of your OWN outlets or be a franchise.

  • Local - the focus is on businesses that are based in Cornwall however you can apply if you are based further afield but locality to Cornwall will be considered during curation.

  • Quality & Unique - skill & originality in the making or curation is key.

  • Self Made / Handmade / Vintage - maker applications from creators who have complete control over their production process are sought. If you curate then your items should be handmade, sustainably & ethically sourced or vintage.

  • Professional & Well Presented - this includes product, branding, display and communications.

  • Sustainable & Single Use Plastic Free - applications which demonstrate this are more likely to be successful.

  • Diverse - we welcome and encourage applications from all ethnicities, genders, religions, ages, sexualities and educational backgrounds.

  • You can find out more what we look for in our Market & Pop Up trader and Directory members HERE.

  • Category or Event Relevant - each opportunity provides a different context so what we look by for event can vary.


  • While there aren't the same category restrictions that there are at some of our Markets the Directory is curated and the balance of wares is taken into account.

  • The Directory doesn't currently include street food / hospitality or service based industries. It's focus is on shopping for tangible items.

Not everyone who applies will be invited to join the Directory. The Directory is heavily curated to ensure it provides a something unique and special. You might not be offered a listing if it's not felt that we're the right fit for each other, context is crucial. Category competition is also taken into account to ensure the Directory is balanced. This doesn't mean that multiple (e.g.) jewellers or ceramicists won't be listed. If an application is a great criteria fit and offers something unique in style they will be accepted.



Being a Directory member and being listed in the Directory has the following charges:

£12 set up fee


£1 per full month hosting fee (payable in a single one-off fee) from your listing launching (through to January '25)

So for example if you apply to join the Directory and are accepted and your listing launches mid May you will be charged £12 set up fee plus £8 (£1 a month hosting fee June - January inclusive). Total of £20. After the period (post January '25) you will be able to renew for the hosting fee only.

Directory prices are as accessible as possible so the Directory is curated and not led by affordability. The charge mainly covers the backend set up, ongoing management time and there's a margin going towards ongoing promotion costs. If you would like to be listed but have concerns over the cost please email

If you are a current Directory member looking to renew your listing head HERE and use the password supplied on your renewal invitation email.


You can apply to join the Directory only (not events) but for 2024 all successful Market applicants (for any and all of our Markets) will need to be a Directory member for 2024 (through to end of January '25). By including all successful Market applicants in the Directory we ensure synergy between our real life events and online presence. It will also limit the backend work needed to deliver the associated Online Markets so that we can continue to offer accessible stand prices at our events in the face of rising costs. 


N.B. By submitting an application you are confirming that you have read, understand and agree to these terms.


  1. All traders must apply using the Trader Application form which includes all the information required to update your listing.

  2. Submitting an application and meeting our criteria does not guarantee your listing. We allocate listings according to how closely applications meet our criteria and we look to create a balance of products across categories. We will notify you by email on your application status in line with the dates at the top of the trader applications page (this is on a rolling basis for Directory only applications and we will endeavour to get back to you within 28 days).

  3. You are responsible for requesting updates to your listing by email to, all updates will be made as quickly as possible and within 28 days at the longest. A system to allow self updates (where you prefer) is being worked on.


Any food, goods or services offered for sale to the public from your listing links must:

  1. Be legal. e.g. you may not sell pirated copyrighted materials, age controlled items, potential weapons or other items which Cornwall Shop Small deem inappropriate, e.g. material that may incite racial or sexual hatred.

  2. Comply with all city & county council requirements and national legislation regarding trading standards, health & safety and the labelling of any products where relevant. You can find some basic gov guidance on labelling for certain products HERE. It is the traders responsibility to label their products correctly where required.

  3. Have product liability insurance where it's deemed necessary, please seek expert advice for your business and product range.


  1. Successful Directory applicants will be sent a draft listing to approve along with a payment link. When payment has been made the listing will go live within 5 working days and you will be sent an email including digital assets and information about back linking your directory from your website / socials channels.

  2. When confirmed Directory listings cannot be cancelled. If a listing is no longer relevant (the business is not trading or has changed) it will be archived but no refund will be due.


  1. Directory members must ensure that any links to external websites that they provide are accurate, relevant, safe and secure.

  2. Directory members agree to indemnify Cornwall Shop Small and its’ affiliates and their partners, officers, directors, employees, representatives, agents, contractors and volunteers, from and against any and all damages, claims, losses, demands, costs, expenses (including professional fees and costs) suffered or incurred directly or indirectly.



Head to the Trader Applications page to find out what applications are currently open, what the deadlines are and when application status announcements will be made.

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