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Trading at the BIG Newquay Market

So you're interested in joining us as a trader at the BIG Newquay Market? That's wonderful. Read on for all the 'need to know info' and terms before you apply. You can find current open applications along with application deadlines and announcement dates for all of our Markets, Pop Ups and the Online Directory HERE

If applications aren't currently open you can sign up for TRADER NEWS HERE to be informed when they are.

BIG Newquay Market hosted by Cornwall Shop Small

The BIG Newquay Market

The BIG Newquay Market is a monthly collaboration by Cornwall Shop Small and Newquay Farmers Market brought to the town by Newquay BID and LOVE Newquay with the support of Newquay Town Council. Taking place in the vibrant coastal town of Newquay and with a supporting Online Market it's a wonderful opportunity to showcase your wares. With around 50 traders of contemporary craft, art & design, sustainable home & lifestyle wares, vintage finds, artisan produce, food & drink from the amazing Newquay Farmers Market, live music and more it's a destination event! Find out more about the BIG Newquay Market HERE.


  • Cornwall Shop Small started hosting Markets in Newquay with Newquay Farmers Market in 2023. After a series of successful trial Markets with wonderful local support it's back as a regular feature for 2024.  

  • From April 2024 (the Market doesn't run January - March) we'll be running the regular date (for the diary) of the first Saturday of the month with added festive specials for Christmas. 

  • The Market is generally open from 10am-4pm with level vehicle access from within around 50-100 metres by area and set up available from 8am. Your stock type (manoeuvrability) will be taken into account when your stand position and access is planned. 

  • The Market usually takes place across the majority pedestrianised section of Bank Street and, just moments away, overlooking the sea on the grass at the Killacourt. For 2024 the Market footprint is extending (where possible) to include an additional section of Bank Street. 

  • In the peak Summer months (July & August) the Market will be fully located on the Killacourt.

  • The Market features around 50 traders jointly curated by Cornwall Shop Small and Newquay Farmers Market, live music, community and creative content.

  • The Market is hosted in heavy duty, pre set up, secured / weighted gazebos.

  • The Market gazebos generally run in a terraced style (with open sides between and sides at the end of runs).

  • The Online Market launches the Wednesday before Market day through to the Monday afterwards and features all of the BIG Newquay Market Traders.


  • Independent - you MUST be an independent trader and you can't have more than 3 of your OWN outlets or be a franchise.

  • Local - the focus is on businesses that are based in Cornwall however you can apply if you are based further afield but locality to Cornwall or a Market location will be considered during curation.

  • Quality & Unique - skill & originality in the making or curation is key.

  • Self Made / Handmade / Vintage - maker applications from creators who have complete control over their production process are sought. If you curate then your items should be handmade, sustainably & ethically sourced or vintage.

  • Professional & Well Presented - this includes product, branding, display and communications.

  • Sustainable & Single Use Plastic Free - applications which demonstrate this are more likely to be successful.

  • Diverse - we welcome and encourage applications from all ethnicities, genders, religions, ages, sexualities and educational backgrounds.

  • You can find out more what we look for in our Market & Pop Up trader and Directory members HERE.

  • Category or Event Relevant - each opportunity provides a different context so what we look by for event can vary.


  • Street Food / Drink traders and trader of food /drink primarily for on site consumption can't be welcomed to this Market currently due to local partner restrictions.

  • We encourage applications from resident independent traders in Newquay.

The space does mean that we won't be able to welcome everyone who applies along. If we can't offer you a place don't be offended, it's not a reflection on what you do, just more of a case of us not being the best fit for each other. It might be that someone else applying just edged the difference in one of the things that we look for. It's also true that some product categories are particularly competitive and the line up is curated to ensure a good balance of wares. Don't let that put you off applying, we would love to hear from you.


  • Provision of your stand space in a heavy duty, pre set up and secured / weighted gazebo.

  • Optional FREE table (180  x 60cm) which is requested on your application form (limited supplied, not guaranteed)

  • Access to a personal or payment device charge point behind the scenes.

  • Inclusion in the virtual elements of the Market which includes the Online Market (with links through to your chosen online sites / socials) supported by a database emailer to over 2.5k and social media promotion to over 18k (combined Cornwall Shop Small and Newquay Farmers Market).

  • Provision of digital promotional elements including trader badges and social posts.

  • On site overnight security for events running for more than 1 day, we recommend that you remove valuable or delicate items and our liability is withheld.

  • Festoon lighting around your gazebo stand at Markets that run after dusk.

  • Access to on stand electricity is NOT included. If access to on stand electricity is essential let us know on your application form, there are a limited number of stands with elec. access so please bear in mind that stating access is essential might effect the success of your application. Electricity access is £15, not suitable for high load items - ambient lighting and personal / payment device charging only.

  • A warm welcome and supportive environment!


Please note that we now have one stand size in Newquay.

STANDARD: This is a 3 x 2 metre gazebo that will be open on one 3 metre frontage or both sides having a double 2 x 3 metre frontage, this depends on your stand location. You will have a 2 metre depth.

£52 per Market including all provisions above.

We really want to keep our stand prices as accessible as possible and we want to be as transparent as possible about our charges. Our charges are based on a combined charge per m2 and charge per metre frontage. We have kept our standard stand price the same since 2022 (Truro prices). Costs to host the Markets have gone up year on year and a significant portion of your stand charge goes to cover event costs. Many of the event costs are shared with Newquay BID / LOVE Newquay and without their support the IRL Markets would not be possible at these rates. 


We don't want anyone to be put off applying because of concerns about stand fees. Successful applicants will be sent stand offer and link to payment request and payment details. Your stand is only confirmed on receipt of your stand payment. However, if you receive a stand offer and have concerns about paying your stand fee you can get in touch with us and we will help you work out a payment plan.


N.B. By submitting an application you are confirming that you have read, understand and agree to these terms.


  1. All traders must apply using the Trader Application form.

  2. Submitting an application and meeting our criteria does not guarantee you a pitch. We allocate pitches according to how closely applications meet our criteria and we look to create a balance of products across each market. We will notify you by email on your application status in line with the dates at the top of the trader applications page.

  3. You may not trade without permission.

  4. Full set up notes will be shared with successful applicants and these set up notes must be adhered to including information on vehicle access times, routes, speeds and any safety regulations.

  5. You must be ready to trade by Market opening time and must remain open for trade until the end of the market, unless otherwise instructed by the Market Team.

  6. You can only sell products detailed in your application. Any changes to your stock after applications have been approved must first be cleared with the Cornwall Shop Small.

  7. Any food, goods or services offered for sale to the public must be legal. e.g. you may not sell pirated copyrighted materials, age controlled items, potential weapons or other items which the Market Team deem inappropriate, e.g. material that may incite racial or sexual hatred.

  8. Any food, goods or services offered for sale to the public must not present a hazard to the trader, event staff or the public.

  9. Traders are liable for any damage, injury or other incident caused by stock or equipment on their stall. Traders must ensure that their stall and/or set up is safe to use on market day.


  1. Traders must have and carry with them public, and if relevant, product and employers liability insurance while trading at the market. Public Liability should be no less than £2 million for all traders, £3 million for traders of consumables and £5 million for traders who cook or heat food on their stand (not applicable in Newquay).

  2. It's recommended that you complete your own risk assessment to help you identify any issues and seek expert advice about the level and type of insurances your business requires beyond our criteria.

  3. A copy of your PL might be requested at any point during set up or trading so please make sure you have a paper or digital copy accessible. Without this, you will not be permitted to trade.

  4. By agreeing to the trader terms when you apply you are confirming that you have the relevant insurances.

  5. Traders agree to indemnify Cornwall Shop Small and its’ affiliates and their partners, officers, directors, employees, representatives, agents, contractors and volunteers, from and against any and all damages, claims, losses, demands, costs, expenses (including professional fees and costs) suffered or incurred directly or indirectly.


  1. All traders must pay their stand fee in line with the invoice deadline unless by prior arrangement.

  2. Payments must be made by BACS using an online banking facility or in person at a bank branch. Our account details will be on the invoice. We do not accept payment by cash, cheque or PayPal.

  3. If you have confirmed your stand but can no longer attend the event please let us know asap by email on and title the email with 'stand cancellation - your biz name'.

  4. If cancellation occurs before payment deadline nothing is payable. 

  5. If cancellation occurs after the payment deadline and it is at least 1 week before the IRL event and you have paid for your stand we will do our best to roll your stand payment onto a future mutually agreeable event (as available), there will be a £10 admin fee for this taken from your stand payment credit.

  6. If cancellation occurs after the payment deadline and it is at least 1 week before the IRL event and you haven't paid for your stand you will be asked to pay a £10 admin fee that will be payable at the time of cancellation and future stand bookings won't be accepted until payment is made.

  7. If cancellation occurs within 1 week of the IRL event payment you may be liable for full stand payment however circumstances will be considered.

  8. If there is a trader 'no show' you are liable for your full stand payment however circumstances will be considered.


  1. The BIG Newquay Market is an outdoor market which uses temporary structures and is therefore vulnerable to forecasted severe weather and other incidences of Force Majeure which may render it unsafe to operate the event.

  2. The IRL Market takes place in (supplied, pre erected & weighted) heavy duty gazebos that are signed off to up to 40 mph.

  3. If the weather forecast details severe weather and/or wind speeds above the tolerance level for our structures then the market cannot go ahead and will be cancelled on the advice of the local Meteorological Office and/or the local authorities or emergency services. It's also appreciated that your wares might be unsuitable for trading in significant winds or rain.

  4. With this in mind if winds over 30mph (not including gusts) or wind over 25mph with rain (not including showers) are forecast (local Met Office) cancellation of the IRL Market will be considered. We will NOT cancel an event due to forecast rain alone. Wind direction can play a big part in this decision.

  5. A decision will be made with Newquay Farmers Market, Newquay BID and Newquay Council.

  6. Traders will be informed of any weather related cancellations as early as possible (bearing in mind the changeability of the local forecast) and by 5.30pm the day before the Market at the latest. In the unlikely event that a Market has to be cancelled for any other reason beyond our control traders will be informed as soon as possible.

  7. Cancellation information will be shared with relevant traders via email in the first instance so traders are required to regularly check their email for updates.

  8. Cornwall Shop Small and its’ affiliates and their partners, officers, directors, employees, representatives, agents, contractors and volunteers are not liable for any costs incurred by traders due to a cancellation – traders should organise their own insurance policy to cover this.

  9. In the event of a Market cancellation due to adverse weather or other Force Majeure all traders will be offered a stand at a future mutually agreeable event.

  10. The online element of the Market will still take place and a portion of the stand payment of £10 will still be relevant so the remaining balance (stand fee - £10) will be moved as a credit to a future Market booking.


  1. All stands must be well presented, well secured and laid out with trader and public safety in mind. The Market team can request the removal of any items that do not meet this criteria and failure to comply may lead to you not being able to trader at future events. 

  2. All stand set ups must be within the confines of your stand space and that you must layout your stand to allow access for you / any stand help from the front.

  3. The outdoor nature of the Market means that certain types of signage, such a pop up banners and flags, may not be suitable for use and is at the discretion of the Market team.

  4. Please note that traders are not permitted to smoke within the market vicinity, this includes in front of or behind any of the stands.

  5. Pets and children (under 16) should only be behind your stand with prior permission.

  6. All traders must be polite and professional in their dealings with each other, the Market team and public at all times, any complaints will be investigated and could lead to you not being able to trade at future events. This extends to everyone involved in Newquay Farmers Market who we collaborate with for the BIG Newquay Market.


  1. All traders must comply with all city & county council requirements and national legislation regarding trading standards, health & safety and the labelling of any products where relevant.

  2. You can find some basic gov guidance on labelling for certain products HERE. It is the traders responsibility to label their products correctly where required.

  3. All electrical equipment plugged in anywhere at the Market must be less than one year old from purchase with proof of purchase date OR have been PAT tested with certification within 1 year.  Proof of this might be requested at any point during set up or trading so please make sure you have a paper or digital copy accessible.

  4. Any food or drink traders will need to make sure they have the relevant Food, Health and Hygiene Certs in place to satisfy their trading requirements as set out by the Council.

  5. Food/drink ingredients must be listed when made up of more than one item and clear allergen information should be available. Traders must adhere to the Natasha’s Law requirements for pre-packaged food – more information can be found HERE.

  6. Where food is unpackaged or packaged on site at least one trader per stand of all food products needs Health & Hygiene level 2 certificate, to be within 3 years. All other on stand help should have training and ongoing guidance / supervision from the certificated trader.

  7. Traders of food and drink products that is unpackaged or packaged on site or is for on site consumption need to be registered with Cornwall Council Environmental Health Dept. and follow their guidance.

  8. Traders of alcohol or alcohol based products must have their own personal license and need to apply for a Temporary Events Notification License for the real life Market day(s). Applications can be made at HERE. Email to request location details for your application.

  9. The license will need to be on display at all times during the market and you won’t be able to sell alcohol without it. The person whose name it is in will hold accountability for all alcohol sales i.e. ensuring the person is of age and asking for ID if unsure.

  10. NOT RELEVANT FOR NEWQUAY AS ALCOHOL TRADERS FOR ON SITE CONSUMPTION CAN'T BE WELCOMED - SEE WHAT WE LOOK FOR. Alcohol traders providing on site consumption sales must display clear signage to instruct customers to consume alcohol within the vicinity of their pitch or a pre designated and agreed area.

  11. NOT RELEVANT FOR NEWQUAY AS STREET FOOD TRADERS CAN'T BE WELCOMED - SEE WHAT WE LOOK FOR. Traders using gas for heating / cooking food must have any equipment covered by a current gas safety certificate and perform their own manual inspection before use.


  1. Traders are responsible for removing ALL waste that their activities generate. This includes all food waste, packaging, unsold stock etc.

  2. Traders must provide litter bins where sales will result in public rubbish.

  3. Trader must clear up and remove from site ALL waste generated by their pitch after the event.

  4. You must not place any waste in the street, city centre bins or commercial bins.  The pitch must be left as found.

  5. Note that the trader will be held responsible for any cost incurred by the event organiser in returning the pitch to the state it was found. Traders will be charged if you are found to have left any waste at the market.

  6. NOT RELEVANT FOR NEWQUAY AS STREET FOOD TRADERS CAN'T BE WELCOMED - SEE WHAT WE LOOK FOR. Street Food or Drink traders must mitigate against spillages by covering the ground of their pitch with suitable flooring (non slip / trip and non-permeable covering the whole area and have a suitable spill kit, to ensure the ground is left as found.

  7. Any stains or damage to the ground or pitch area at the end of the day will need to be removed at the Traders cost and will carry the risk of not being able to trade with us again.

  8. Street Food/drink traders must not dispose of any fats or oils on site. Traders must make provision for removal of used fats and oils from their pitch area at the end of the day. We encourage all traders to ensure that they dispose of waste oils responsibly.



Please note that for 2024 all successful Market applicants (for any and all of our Markets) will need to become a Directory member for 2024 (through to end of January '25). By including all successful Market applicants in the Directory we ensure synergy between our real life events and online presence. It will also limit the backend work needed to deliver the associated Online Markets so that we can continue to offer accessible stand prices at our events in the face of rising costs. This means that there are two application routes, one for non Directory members to apply to join the Directory and Markets, and another for current Directory members to apply to join our Markets.


Head to the Trader Applications page to find out what applications are currently open, what the deadlines are and when application status announcements will be made. You will also be able to select your relevant application route, non Directory or current Directory member, for you to submit your application.

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