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Aqua Culture

Welcome to Aqua Culture, where the power of handpicked waste seaweed from the Cornish coast meets the beauty of plant care! Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting your plant family, Aqua Culture has a range of seaweed fertilisers that cater for plant lovers of all kinds.

Aqua Culture
Aqua Culture
Aqua Culture

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Callum, Dan & Jack

Cornwall, UK

At Aqua Culture, we believe in creating a sustainable and vibrant relationship with our plants, setting the tone for a greener future. Let’s grow together and make a positive impact on our environment with a percentage of our profits aiding marine conservation organisations and coastal protection. We take pride in working with local councils, carefully selecting and extracting waste seaweed from the pristine shores of Cornwall, ensuring the highest quality and nutrient-rich content used for our products.

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