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Giving You Lemons

Giving You Lemons is all about the totally unique with nearly everything being a one of a kind piece. Selling an eclectic mix of products with a nature inspired focus; including framed vintage entomology specimens, fairy houses and a mix of vintage & handmade jewellery.

Giving You Lemons
Giving You Lemons
Giving You Lemons

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Newquay, UK

Inspired by the beauty of nature and local wildlife, I enjoy being able to bring that beauty in to peoples homes. I have always had a passion for entomology and crafts, which then slowly progressed to all the lovely things I make today. I only use vintage or found specimens in my work as it is important to me that I do not bring any harm to the environment. It brings me so much joy that so many lovely people find happiness in my work!

Jewellery & Keepsakes
Illustration & Art
Bespoke & Commissions
Vintage & Retro
Home & Decor
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